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For more information about checkbox, star, and flag columns check our our Column Types article.[t]: Inserts today's date.[ ]: Enters date x days from today.[-]: Enters date x days before today.You can also type sequences of characters to enter specific dates.​​​​​[Ctrl] [L] (pressed once): Inserts $ before column name (horizontal cell reference lock).[Ctrl] [L] (pressed twice): Inserts $ after column name (vertical cell reference lock).[Ctrl] [L] (pressed three times): Inserts $ around column name (full cell reference lock).If using the List or Agenda views, click on the event date in the mini calendar first before clicking ‘Add event’ – the start date will be set accordingly.Tip 5: When in the event editor, pressing the Enter key while in any of the main fields will save your event and close the window.One common way is to choose Date and Time from the Insert menu. At the bottom of the Date and Time dialog box there is an interesting check box entitled Update Automatically.

Word provides a couple of different ways to insert the current date in a document.

If the DATE field is used, then the date is dynamic, and it always changes to reflect the current date.

If you are a keyboard-oriented person, then you can insert today's date by pressing Shift Alt D.

The long date is in the following format: Day in Words, day number, month, year.

Current date: Ctrl ; (semicolon) Current time: Ctrl Shift ; (semicolon) When you use either of these shortcuts to enter a date or time into your worksheet, Excel enters a static value into the worksheet.

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