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"We want to help our animals and maybe other zoos' animals to make a choice," Bionda said in a telephone interview.

"Animals have to like each other." Bionda hopes that having apes check out images on a computer screen could help determine the compatibility of a prospective pair.

The research at the Apenheul primate park, on the outskirts of the Dutch city of Apeldoorn, is investigating the emotional responses of orangutans and bonobos to images of the same species they are shown on a touch screen.

() Biologist Thomas Bionda said Wednesday the screen could help determine an ape's preference between prospective mates as part of a breeding program.

About 60 percent of the more than 500 primate species, such as gorillas, monkeys and lemurs, are “now threatened with extinction” and three out of four primate species have shrinking populations, according to a study by 31 primate experts published in the Jan. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul) How does a primate find a date when they're confined to an urban jungle?

Orangutans in a Dutch zoo may get a high-tech helping hand thanks to a research project that is being likened to a Tinder dating app for apes.

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According to the , several hundred students used the service in its first month.Joan, a friend of Jack & Janet stops at the apartment for a visit.She introduces her husband and says they met through a computer dating service.Primates are heading toward an extinction crisis, a new international study warns.And it’s our fault that our closest biological relatives are in trouble, scientists said.

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