Kla tencor option backdating

He agreed to serve a 10-year prison sentence and to cooperate with authorities.

Fas­tow pleaded guilty in 2004 to two counts of wire and securities fraud.

She will co-chair its Crisis-Management Group, along with former Solictor General Theodore Olson and another former federal prosecutor, Randy Mastro.‘This is a great visual for a governance team: if we are not monitoring the horizon for change, we’re going to be unprepared for it.’ Few could accuse Martin (pictured left) and his team of being unprepared over the last few years – in fact, they have transformed governance practices at KLA into some of the country’s best.‘Every day we look out for each other,’ Martin says.They came from Morgan & Finnegan (Sonnenfeld), Powell Goldstein (Harbin), and Kilpatrick Stockton (Askew, Schaetzel and Johnson). This combination will create unmatched capability in process and process control, delivering optimized results in partnership with its customers by reducing variability and accelerating yield, ultimately helping the semiconductor industry extend Moore's Law and performance scaling generally.

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