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The die showed: 3 Cornwind Evil: Nope Ruby Chao rolled a die with 21 sides. The coin showed: Heads Decent for now: Courier -has- been selling fried dunsparce for the past eight weeks.

There is no complicated registration or fees involved.

The die showed: 3 Bree: ..Gooper Blooper: top kek Bree: another 3 Bree: fine fine let's try momoko just for curiosity's sake : U Bree rolled a die with 21 sides.

The die showed: 18 Bree: yes momoko recognizes the dunsparce Jumpropeman: only 3s and 18s Bree: viola been schooled by her own doll Jumpropeman: ​does that mean Momoko fries Dunsparce too​ Gooper Blooper: 3 plus 18 is 21 --- (A new Touhou character is revealed, and the fanart isn't far behind) Ruby Chao: GOTTA ART ​FAST Gooper Blooper: Is he the winner Gooper Blooper: Was his art first Jumpropeman: barpost Ruby Chao: he was Ruby Chao: he did it Gooper Blooper: congratulations Gapangman Jumpropeman: I should draw her and bask in the five second fame that ignores quality due to expediency Gooper Blooper: too late now, but keep your finger on the touhou pulse and maybe you can be first for the next reveal (later that night) Ruby Chao: WE HAVE ANOTHER NEWHU Bree: QUICK JUMPROPEMAN Bree: DRAW THE NEW NEWHU Jumpropeman: SHOW ME HER Ruby Chao: (JRM vanishes for a few minutes) Jumpropeman: TIME Ruby Chao: you did it JRM Ruby Chao: i'm so proud Ruby Chao: :clap: --- Steel Komodo: oh hey, it's a CW Steel Komodo: i forgot he was here Cornwind Evil: I am very forgettable Steel Komodo: aw, don't say that : U Cornwind Evil: Say what?

If you're concerned about privacy, Chat Step might be the perfect chat room for you.

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